Black History Facts

I saw this on Facebook and felt it was fitting to share.  I didn't know about him. Black History - there is a lot of it. A LOT. We love Martin and Rosa but they were not the only ones. Each One Teach One...pass it on! Robert Smalls April 5, 1839 - February 22, 1915 In … Continue reading Black History Facts



Looking to start Investing? Does it seem to complicated? Or maybe you are looking to save (and grow) your money without the stress of figuring out what and where to cut? This is where Acorns comes in! Acorns is s simple easy way t o start investing and saving money for your future. Whether you … Continue reading SAVE MORE – DO MORE!


Well we are on our way....Day 10 of 2018 and in the world of politics - doesn't seem like much is changing. I mean I thought we were going to leave the foolishness in 2017. DC didn't get the memo... So what do we do? Well for starters - we are going to vote like … Continue reading 2018