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Thank you to all who served and those who continue to Serve.  


Provisional Ballot 

Provisional Ballot This is a word that is popping up everywhere, especially with all the attempts at voter suppression. Yes in 2018, we are still dealing with Voter Suppression. Okay now let's talk a bit about provisional ballot's and what you need to know. A provisional ballot is a ballot that can be provided to a voter whose eligibility … Continue reading Provisional Ballot 

Voting Requirements – GA,MO,TN

Prepare to Vote Georgia Voter ID - Yes, a Photo ID is required to vote in Georgia. If you do not have an approved form of photo ID, you can apply for a free photo ID card. If you go to your polling place without an approved photo ID, you may vote provisionally. Provisional ballots … Continue reading Voting Requirements – GA,MO,TN

Midterms 2018

It is Midterm Season! Yes MIDTERMS MATTER!!! Especially this election. As much as I want to rundown the total list of reasons why you should be eager to vote...I won't. However, I will give you a few bullet points to research for yourself....then you decide which direction you want the country to go in... GOP … Continue reading Midterms 2018

Invest your spare change

Invest your spare change   Start investing with Acorns  and get $5 when you use the invite link below here: ACORNS   Here is how it works: 1. Click Acorns link here or above 2. Sign up and follow instructions 3. Link a card (not necessary but great for adding more change!) 4. … Continue reading Invest your spare change

National Voter Registration Day

TODAY! September 25, is National Voter Registration Day. Which means there are only about two weeks until the October 9 voter registration for many states. Check your Registration if you have not voted recently, or have moved. Register to vote if you are over the age of 18. Commit to vote on Election Day November … Continue reading National Voter Registration Day