Carter G Woodson QOTD

When you control a man's thinking you do not have to worry about his actions. ~ Carter G. Woodson



Well we are on our way....Day 10 of 2018 and in the world of politics - doesn't seem like much is changing. I mean I thought we were going to leave the foolishness in 2017. DC didn't get the memo... So what do we do? Well for starters - we are going to vote like … Continue reading 2018

Political Views vs Racist Views

Political views – these are views/beliefs that one holds that align with a particular political party. Differences that occur in this area are based primarily on views held by one party or the other. Racist Views – these are views/beliefs that one race is better than another – based solely on race. Differences that occur … Continue reading Political Views vs Racist Views

Celebrate Black History Month

Make it a point this month to do some of your own research into Black History. Take the opportunity to find out what made america great! The contributions that people of color have made and continue to make to/for this country are unmatched. Take some time to disconnect from social media and hit a library! … Continue reading Celebrate Black History Month