Hello December!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year...we hope to get some cold weather and the mood is light and bright....colors of red, green, gold, white, jingle bells and cocktails! For many this season is not so merry, and to those we extend our hearts and offer our prayers of peace. If you or anyone…Read more Hello December!!


Political Views vs Racist Views

Political views – these are views/beliefs that one holds that align with a particular political party. Differences that occur in this area are based primarily on views held by one party or the other. Racist Views – these are views/beliefs that one race is better than another – based solely on race. Differences that occur…Read more Political Views vs Racist Views

No Matter How Hard you try

To the entire administration that has come after President Barack Obama, No matter how hard you try, you cannot ever replace the fact that Barack Obama was President of the United States for EIGHT YEARS. You (Republicans) may try to erase him by turning back the hands of times in terms of legislation (that ultimately…Read more No Matter How Hard you try