Political Views/Racist Views

Political views – these are views/beliefs that one holds that align with a particular political party. Differences that occur in this area are based primarily on views held by one party or the other.

Racist Views – these are views/beliefs that one race is better than another – based solely on race. Differences that occur in this area are based primarily on the fact that being a racist is not a normal thing to be and people who hold those views are deemed ignorant.

If one is a racist – they are a racist and that is not a political affiliation – well not a normal one.

Since the Presidential Campaigns began in 2015 and carried on throughout 2016, people unsuccessfully tried to make a racist view a political view.


Democrats differ from Republicans on policy issues and beliefs on what should be a law/legislated, etc.

Racist may align to a particular party, but that does not make it a political view or a political difference.

If a person is a racist or a misogynist then they should digest that and stop trying to hid behind a political view as justification.

I have grown sick and weary of people who willfully chose to vote for Trump, yet want to make it purely political.

It wasn’t.  

Trump became a Republican after Barack Obama became President (the first time) when he started that birther nonsense.

If a person pressed the button next to Trump/Pence that was their right, OWN it –don’t hide behind a label as a justification when challenged.

If you are a racist, be that.

If you are a misogynist, be that.

If you are dumb, well be that too, however don’t expect any of that behavior to be coddled.

It won’t.


5 thoughts on “Political Views/Racist Views

  1. when people were against obama, they tried to make it look like everyone who didnt like him as a candidate were racist. thats extremely unlikely, unless youre going with the idea that *everyone* is racist. (at that point, it becomes a matter of semantics.)

    when people were against hillary, they tried to make it look like everyone who didnt like her was sexist. if you preferred jill stein, it didnt matter. that was your “out” or how you “hid” your sexism.

    the pc police will tell you who to vote for.

    they will never stop trying to link your political preferences to race and gender. if you dont vote for the only candidate the pc police want you to vote for, you will be forever linked to sexism and racism. heres the latest effort.

    people will tell you why they voted for trump– take heart, not that many people did. the problem is, a ton of people didnt vote, because hillary wasnt enough candidate to make them go vote, even with the specter of trump as motivation. in short, youre making this election about race because the kkk liked trump– and yet by your own politics, it was clearly sexism (against hillary) that put him in office. not race– not the majority of supporters, but the lack of support for hillary. it wasnt race this time, it was sexism. have fun.

  2. Speaking truth to power here! I get a tickle when people ask me if I voted for President Obama because he’s black. If they understood black people they would know President Obama and First Lady Michelle past the muster of black people – if they understood black people they know when we select a representative that person is beyond reproach – simply because that’s how most of us were raised. We didn’t just want Hillary because she is a woman – we wanted Hillary because she was the most qualified. It was a coincidence that President O and Flotus Michelle kept promoting Hillary’s credentials – they know Black women respond to greatness…

    Not sure what other voters were looking for in a Presidential candidate – but for the majority of Black women – that candidate has to be exemplary or they won’t even make it out of primaries.

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