12 days in…8 until

Well here we are 12 days into the new year and only 8 days away from President Obama leaving office.

Man,  now that we know what is upon us, looking back it seems like 8 years flew by quickly.

I love President Obama and his family and Vice President Joe Biden, such class acts. 

I can’t  wait to see the impacts they make once they are out of office, which brings me to  the 8 days part of the title.

Life for many Americans are about to change, and the change will probably not be as good as the lies they have been told it would be.

For the rest of us, we already know what we have to do, we must unite, engage and take a stand like many of us have never done in our life. We must act, we can no longer be bystanders and watch our country go to hell in a hand-basket formed on the basis of greed and division.

The office of the President and ALL elected leaders are accountable to the People.

We seem to forget that, yes we elect them but they work for us, it is not the other way around.

So in 2018, we will make a stand, but we will not wait until 2018, we start NOW, organize and educate.

Time to GET TO WORK!! Let’s Go!







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