5 Things to leave in 2016 (for black folk)

5 things to leave in 2016 (for black folk) from top to bottom…well bottom to top



#5  The Kardashians (but pray for Kanye)

Just stop. There are way too many brown and black women following this family as if they are the 2nd coming of Christ. What have they produced for you? That’s my only question about this so-called phenomenon.

The only thing it appears that they have truly done is capitalize on things black women invented, started or birthed.

How many black women could behave in the manner that they do while appropriating another culture for profit and still have as many followers as these females do? The answer is none. And nope this is not hate it’s FACTS. I respect the hustle, but Black Folk…find a new fascination.

#4 Promoting a negative stereotype as a badge of honor.

This is pretty simple.

But let’s just say that 9 times out of 10 if it is something that a black character does in a mainstream movie – don’t do it. Period.

#3 Pretending you don’t know and/or won’t be affected by the fact that Trump is set to take office as POTUS.

Time is out for passivity. We must act, our future is at stake. Get Involved People!

Know your rights, know the laws and know which policies that matter to you are set to be destroyed. Stop acting like what happened in November 2016 doesn’t affect YOU, it will. It will.

#2 Not voting.

This is self-explanatory. Register to Vote and Vote – PERIOD.

Click here and register or check your registration. No excuses.

#1 Foolishness.

This means pretty much anything that does not promote you or our culture as a whole.

Anything that demeans your black and brown sistas or brothas.

Everything isn’t funny nor should it be shared across social media.  Some of you might be thinking, does this mean black folk are beyond reproach? Absolutely not, however what it does mean is that we need to become  our own cheerleader FIRST, not  just the purveyor of foolery when it comes to our folk.


***BONUS item

Leave posting every single thing you do on social media in 2016.

Quit with the play by play. Add to this one, Leave all the posting about who reads your post because you’re watching or prove you  love Jesus or sick kids by liking or reposting.

Bury that.

***BONUS – BONUS item

Leave the inability to spell words correctly in 2016. Activate Spell check on your phone and computer.

If you don’t like my list – DO YOU! These are just my top 5 observations to start to improve our productivity and prosperity.

Have a Happy New Year!

Make It Great!!

Remember LOVE trumps HATE!

Live in Love!


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