Our Lives Matter – Black Lives Matter


Black Lives Matter – my point of view

This term evokes different opinions and thoughts in different people.

For many, Black Lives Matter is a necessary reminder for others who deem the life of a Black person to be less important than that of another.

This phrase means that although we acknowledge that all life is important, there is a trend that is aiming to suggest otherwise, and we stand united in reminding all, that we are here to stay and we indeed matter too.

Unarmed Black Men dying at the hands of police, Unarmed Black women dying in jail cells, Voting Rights, Racist outburst from teachers, county officials, strangers, it is all happening right now, in America. In 2016, in America….

Unfortunately, there is a strong divide in this country and no, it did not start with the Black Lives Matter movement.

*It is good to note here, that everyone claiming to be a part of this movement are not in fact a part of the movement. Similar to those who wish to harm, discount or discriminate against others under the veil of Christianity, the same goes for those with ill wills trying to align under Black Lives Matter.

Not everyone will be on board with the chant of Black Lives Matter, nor will they support the demand for equal justice, that does not diminish nor does it defeat its purpose.

The purpose of this reminder, that Black Lives Matter,  is that we are all here by the grace of God and we all have a purpose.

No matter what obstacle is placed in front of us, we will persevere.

So the next time you see someone proclaiming Black Lives Matter or wearing a t-shirt or involved in a protest, don’t write them off based on your internal fear or ignorance of the subject, and definitely don’t categorize them based on a pseudo-definition of the movement that is being proliferated by many in the right-wing news arena.

Rather stop and listen, seek to understand their position, and if you can’t do that – then keep moving and don’t say anything.

As Jesse Williams told the world:

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Whether you choose to agree with the fact that a reminder is necessary, the fact remains that:





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