2016 is Election Year!

voteI know by now that you have all seen the Politicians stepping in and out of their races, viewed the debates or perhaps just caught wind of the numerous soundbites that are all over the news and social media….

Either way I am sure you know that 2016 is the year we elect our next President!

Hopefully if you have been a follower of mine – then you are already registered to vote.

If not well let’s get to it!

Click: Register to Vote!

Voting is an essential part of our society, our voice is our vote. And in recent history, the best example of that was the 2008 Presidential Election turnout.

Voting is important ALL THE TIME, however it seems to only get real attention during major elections.

Local elections are just as important, because these elections will directly effect the community where you live.

There are countless resources available for you to review and find out about the election dates, and times and locations in your city or state.

Step One is taking the time to register, so start today!

 Click: Register to Vote!



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