Happy Monday Everybody!

I found this little gem and figured why not share!

1237710_516502681765271_1835916510_nWe never really need a reason to buy a new pair of shoes now do we? 🙂

The thing is, Monday and I aren’t friends, matter of fact I think that we all dread Monday’s …whether it’s the thought of the start of a new work week that pains us or the fact that we feel as though we didn’t get our full weekend before that Monday morning alarm starts to blare…we all have a thing against Monday.

What if instead of dreading Monday we made an effort to make Monday’s a little less mundane…what if we shifted our focus from the dread and focused on the positives?

Oh yes! It’s going to take some retraining but what’s the alternative?

They say it takes 21 days for something to become a habit, so for the next 21 Monday’s – I challenge you to find something else to focus on – and yes this starts Sunday Night!

Make Monday the day you do something different

  • Maybe call a friend or write a letter, drop off food to a homeless shelter or check on a neighbor.
  • Find something that you want to do that is selfless and then make that a Monday routine.
  • Make a donation to a charity, fix dinner for friends, the ideas are endless! So let’s get started!

We have wasted enough time dreading Monday’s = let’s aim to make Monday’s work for us now!


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