Memories…old ones are sometimes the best ones

Memories…old ones are sometimes the best ones

{repost from July 25, 2010}

When was the last time you spent some time with your memories?

Saturday night, I had a conversation with my cousin Michelle and we were chatting about our ATL days and how much fun we would have and she happened to ask about a particular get together that she had at her house and for a photo that I had taken and so I went on a mission to find it!

As I searched through my photos (wondering why I have yet to either scrapbook them or place them in an album), I smiled. I was amazed at all the hairstyles, hair colors and hair lengths that I have had over the years! I was also overjoyed by all the moments that I had captured.

I was looking through a lot of loose photos and I came across some great ones from not so many years ago, yet in that short period of time so many people had been lost. Memories.

I was caught off guard by a few pictures of cousins and uncles that are no longer here and they brought tears to my eyes, tears of sadness yet also tears of joy. Memories.

As I continued to search for the picture that my cousin referenced, I uncovered more photos of trips and vacations and parties all moments that had faded in my mind, but the photos recalled them vividly. Family Reunions, Girls weekend trips, football classics, and ringing in the new millennium LEWIS-STYLE!!! CHEERS!

I came across some pictures of 2 friends that I have known since I was 10/11 that is over 25 years! And yes we are still friends today. Blessings.

I scanned a few pictures to send to them just to recall the memories to their minds of a few times of fun that we have shared. I also wanted to bring to mind some names of some people that I forgot. As I sat in the middle of the floor and reminisced about the good times, I couldn’t help but smile. Time has surely flown since a lot of those photos were taken but the memories…the memories are still alive and well.

As I sorted through all the pictures and scanning and sending copies, I started to think about how blessed I am – how blessed we all are. And the more I thought, the more I knew some things have got to change…

For many of us texting, facebook and IM…are how we connect.

Somewhere along the line we have lost the connection, the personal connection.

Everyone is busy, working, doing and working some more and there is always so much going one, but we forget that one thing that we are not promised is tomorrow. Often times we take for granted that all of our goodbyes are just “see ya laters”, and they aren’t. Uncovered pictures of those we have lost over the past few years reminded me of that today.

So even though, everyone has a busy schedule and everyone has a lot to do and a journey of their own, I challenge you to CALL that old friend once in a while send a card…send a hand-written note. (remember those) J

If for no other reason than creating memories, take out some time to re-connect the old way. Maybe plan a trip, plan a reunion, a girls weekend, a dudes trip or whatever you want ~ just remember to take some photos and continue your memories.

For whatever reason I was taken on this journey today I am thankful, because I uncovered some great pictures and awesome memories. Funny thing about memories, they are always there…you just have to take a moment to recall them.

We only have the moments, the present moments. Cherish your loved ones, Cherish your life and always enjoy the moments.

Since I didn’t get permission from anyone to post a personal pictures I uploaded this one…if you were there then you know. Good times!


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