Is your risk of falling greater than the possibility of you flying?

Is your risk of falling greater than the possibility of you flying?

Everyday we are faced with choices, some are very apparent choices and others are just silent thoughts/voices calling us to do something. For most people risk is categorized mainly by two topics:

1. Professional Pursuits

2. Relational Pursuits

Those two categories pretty much sum up the biggest decisions that we will make in our lives. I am willing to bet that if I called each one of your reading this blog right now and asked you what is your dream {vision} – you would have one, and you would be able to rattle it off instantly. I also venture to guess that a large percentage of you aren’t doing it.


Finances will be at the top of everyone’s list; but if you think about it that is just an excuse. We find the money to do everything that we want to do. So if we have a dream then why don’t we minimize all that other stuff we do and start saving for the dream? Sound easy right? What’s the problem?


People are so afraid of failure that they forget that the other possibility in the picture is success.

The first step in overcoming fear is believing in something larger than yourself. For me I call that “something” Jesus. Try him if you don’t know him.

What is failure really? How do you view success? Those two questions are paramount when defining our paths. Depending on how you choose to view success and failure will determine how willing you are to move towards your dreams.

Personally, I view success simply as setting a goal and doing it regardless of the outcome. I view failure as not doing anything. Whether or not you agree with my definitions take a minute to think about it.

I position success as an ACTION and I position failure as INACTION.

With those as my base definitions I am then able to move forward understanding that the end result will either be a bonus or a learning experience.

Faith is a powerful tool, it is that extra boost that many of us need to GET IT DONE! If you believe that you can achieve something then you can. If you see yourself in that corner office, then you can get there. If you see yourself in a great marriage then you can attain that. You just have to make up your mind that the risk of falling/failing is smaller than the reward of flying/succeeding.

Alicia Keys’s latest cd starts off like this:

“and the day came when the risk it took to remain tightly closed in a bud was greater than the risk it took to bloom, this is the element of freedom’

Free Yourself today…go for that job, that man, that woman, that house, that car, start your own business, take that trip to learn about fashion in Paris! Just do it and BELIEVE that you are equipped to succeed.

If the dream was given to you then you can guarantee that you are well equipped to realize the dream and manifest it as reality.

Take a minute and write down your dreams. Write down everything from that dress, shoes, suit, and car to that ring, to the house and the spouse! Write it all down and then see yourself having that.

I hope you choose to fly!

*please note that I do not promote reckless decision making, I am only promoting that you recognize the FIRE within and make the decision to move in that direction.

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